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You know what's anything but ordinary these days?

"Employees who really have what it takes, are motivated and put their hearts into what they do! I am so incredibly grateful and proud that I have such great team buddies in the company. And if they are doing well, the guests are doing well and then it will be fine "We're also doing well economically! The smaller the team, the more important it is that working together not only works, but is also fun and that everyone gets along well," enthuses owner Michi Graf!

Jacqueline Graf is convinced: "A team can only function well with honesty, positive attitude and loyalty! We have to stick together and support each other on equal terms. We attach great importance to this in the team and that is why we pay very close attention to whether the chemistry It's true between all of us... Only then can we be a really great "working family"...Together instead of lonely!"

The entire dream team

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